Weapon genshin kazuha impact has several reasons why it can be a support character or DPS which is the best, especially those who have Primogems and Fates.

1. Doing exploration becomes much easier

Just like Klee, Kazuha also has abilities that make it easier for you to explore the world of Tevyat. If Klee is able to bring up the resources icon on the minimap, Kazuha does have a special ability to be able to reduce consumption in stamina by 20% while sprinting.

Besides that, you can also take advantage of the flying effect in Elemental Skills, you will be able to more easily reach certain places, such as very high cliffs or take crystalfly which is difficult to catch.

2. Butter damage and Elemental Mastery used in teams
Being an Anemo character, Kazuha has the specialty in his ability to further increase the damage for the party. Not only the reason for the swirl reactions in Elemental Skills and Burst, he has passive talents that can increase elemental damage by 0.04% based on how much Elemental Mastery he gets.

The Elemental Mastery Buff that will be given by Kazuha is indeed not as big as Sucrose. As support, the additional damage that will be given by the samut sword is indeed far greater. This is all thanks to Elemental Burst which does produce a very large damage area and swirl reactions every second with a duration of at least 8 seconds.

Almost the same as Burst in Sucrose and Venti, your Burst can absorb hydro, pyro, electro and cryo elements more optimally. This ability can provide a bonus damay for every second according to the element absorbed.

3. Has potential as a DPS
Another advantage of Kazuha is that his skill set is so flexible. The samurai in it are plotted as sub DPS and support characters. However, Kazuha also has a large enough potential to be used as a Main DPS. There are various factors that can make Kazuha a mainstay character.

One of them is the damage it has is so great. Especially this one skill can absorb other elements more and can produce extra cell damage while activating the passive talent of summon swordsmanship. Kazuha’s elemental skill has a powerful CC effect. When activating this skill, the samurai will create a wind circle that can make enemies fly like Elemental Skill Venti.

An ability like this will definitely be very useful in defeating group enemies. If you have more budget to catch Kazuha to C6, it is highly recommended. The sixth constellation can make normal attacks produce Anemo attacks for approximately 5 seconds. His damage can also take 0.2% Elemental Mastery points.

4. As a very good energy charger
Similar to other Anemo characters, Kazuha is a very capable energy source for the team. Anemo has a special character to be able to produce extra energy particles. As long as you continuously use Elemental Skill Burst, the energy of other characters will also fill up faster. Especially, your Burst has DoT properties so it can generate more energy constantly when the enemy is hit.

This ability will be very suitable for use in party compositions using the main character who is very dependent on Elem Burst. For example Xio who is Main DPS Anemo where his Burt is unable to replenish energy, as well as Eula who consumes so much Burst energy.

5. Elemental Burst has OP potential on the Spiral Abyss Floor
The various criteria possessed by Kazuha genshin impact do have great potential to be victorious in the spiral abyss in the upper sky, more precisely on floors 11 – 12. Kazuha is not a character from the four most important elements. However, its role as a buffer has the potential for OP Spiral Abyss floors 11 to 12 through Elemental Burst by using wide area attacks and also DoT which can produce elemental attacks.

For example, when fighting Fatui, Kazuha’s Elemental Burst can be more effective because it has such a large area and DoT is waiting. Using this method, it can be faster to slaughter them than having to give in one at a time. In addition, it can provide additional damage using Elemental St which can also absorb elements along with the large peace of Swirl.